All the Arranmore Ferry timetables are up to date, but don’t include cancellations or last minute changes. If you’re travelling to Arranmore Island or Burtonport today, check today’s timetable on our homepage or give us a call.

Changing Times

The timetables are updated by the ferry team, if any sailings are cancelled our homepage and apps will be updated instantly. If you want to check times for a specific day, why not download our app?

January, February, March & April Sailings

May Ferries

June, July and August Crossings

September and October Times

November and December Ferries

Timetables on Mobile Apps

All our times are available instantly on our mobile apps, available on Android and iOS now.

Any time in blue will be a ferry departing Arranmore and orange crossings will always be ferries departing Burtonport.
All times are updated live by the Fast Ferry team, including extras and cancellations.
The mobile app works online and offline though the latest update will need an internet connection.
The whole app has been designed to work in Gaeilge and English, it doesn’t matter where in the world you are because you’ll always know when the next ferry is, you can even see the local time in Arranmore.
You can use the app to check the times for the day you’re travelling using our date picker functions, we’ve hidden some Easter Eggs in that date picker too 🙂
We’re working hard to make sure that app remains relevant and delivers the crossing times and specific timetables to your device.

We’ve also integrated with Alexa to allow you to retrieve the ferry times with just your voice

We recently posted about the usage of our app on our blog, let us know what you think.

Thank you for visiting the Arranmore Ferry, we have launched our new website! Come on over and take a look, you can book your ferry tickets, review the Arranmore Ferry timetable and much more!

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